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Sports Medicine Tips

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic wants to keep you in the best health. We have provided preventative and recovery tips that will keep you injury free or assist on recovery road.
Preventative Tips
  • Always wear and use proper gear.
  • When playing any sport understand and follow rules and regulations.
  • Before playing any sport or doing any strenuous activity, warm up and stretch. This is especially important for older individuals and weekend warriors.
  • It is important to receive the proper training or instructions when playing sports that place continuous stress on the upper extremities such as pitching, playing tennis, lifting weights, etc.
Recovery Tips
  • Whenever an injury occurs it is important to initially use the RICE method, which is
  • Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.
  • Rest allows the healing process to begin; if you continue to use the injured area of the body, you can cause more damage.
  • Ice reduces swelling and recovery time. It also contracts the blood vessels, which limits bleeding.
  • Compression limits swelling, which could prolong the road to recovery.
  • Elevation uses the force of gravity to reduce swelling.